#19 Cl II MM

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[s3mediastream]s3streamingvideo,Axial Wall Parallel to Outer Surface with Clean Angle,40,0,0,Common-Mistakes+axial_wall_parallel_to_outer_surface_with_clean_angle.mp4,,3600,,,internationaldentistcentral.com,top-left,,no,600,350,yes,bottom,,,#666,,no,no,no,internationaldentistcentral,0[/s3], [s3mediastream]s3streamingvideo,90 Degree Exit Angle and Reverse S Curve,66,0,0,Common-Mistakes+ninety_degree_exitangle_and_reverse_s_curve.mp4,,3600,,,internationaldentistcentral.com,top-left,,no,600,350,yes,bottom,,,#666,,no,no,no,internationaldentistcentral,0[/s3]


  1. simoh

    Hi Dr. Alyssa,

    Thank you so much for the feedback.

    I am starting to watch the videos and yes I was talking about the Axio pulpal lingual and Axio pulpal buccal point angles and I am sorry for the confusion and yes indeed you answered my question. I have to use Hatchet to define these point angles.

    Thank you again for the productive feedback.

    I will send you my improved preps soon.