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  1. kshabadu

    Hi Dr,

    1. I cannot use 856.14 for inter proximal as it won’t be provided to us in the exam.
    2. You even said chamfer can be made more wider, but I was just following the guidelines to maintain a 0.5mm chamfer margin. If I am making it wider for PFM , I am ending up with a enamel lip.
    3. Also, do you recommend smoothening the prep with 169L, atleast the occlusal ? I am using 856-16 on occlusal and not a 56/556, because of which the occlusal surface is not coming out well-defined. I was thinking using 169L for finishing might give a much defined occlusal anatomy. Correct me if I am wrong.

    1. alyssa Post author

      I wouldn’t recommend using 169l for the occlusal surface. It isn’t made for it. The fact that they don’t give out #556 or similar burs actually mean they are not looking for a well defined occlusal surface. If that was what they were going after, an appropriate bur would’ve been provided. So having a less defined anatomy for UCSF is completely fine, actually expected.