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  1. kshabadu

    Hi Alyssa,
    Yes, it is a FGC, I selected Pfm by mistake.

    I am making two mistakes all the time:
    1. I am ending up overtapering the mesio-lingual and/or disto-lingual line angles in every prep, which is making the entire mesial/distal wall to look overtapered in this prep. How do I overcome this? I was thinking probably its because of my inability to have a proper access in these areas.
    2. I am also having trouble with the buccal and lingual convergence, I am always over-tapering the buccal and lingual walls. I have watched the videos that you suggested, but I am unable to overcome it and repeating it in every prep I do.

    1. alyssa Post author

      Hmmmm you seem very aware of the exact mistakes you’re making – which is great. Often if that’s the case, when approaching prepping the area of concern, compensating for the error is a great way to correct the mistake.
      So if you’re overtapering the line angles, when working on the line angles try keeping your bur more upright than you think it should be. After the prep unmount and evaluate – see if you need it tapered more or less and adjust next time accordingly. Does that make sense?
      Regarding your BL taper, I think it was just the lingual wall that needed the adjustment. So at the end all the way from the ML line angle – Lingual surface – DL line angle needs to be more upright, so it’s just one mistake you’re trying to correct. Maybe this will help too: https://members.internationaldentistcentral.com/common-mistakes/maintaining-right-convergence-and-long-axis/